How a Single Website Can Help Homes Sell Quickly

Falling behind on mortgage payments usually results in a foreclosure that can ruin a homeowner’s credit. Selling the home quickly offers a solution, but can be tough, especially if property needs work. Fortunately, websites like offer solutions and plenty of help. Homeowners can find unique selling strategies, useful tools and legitimate investors who specialize in complicated sales.

Non Traditional Options Provide Solutions

The average Internet site that offers to help sell a home is primarily designed to showcase properties for buyers. Many work with realtors and even those designed for sale by owner generally provide information but limited support. In contrast, homeowners who visit are offered a range of creative strategies designed to provide quick solutions. There are options for those who want to save their homes and for owners who choose to sell. These include


Rent to Own (Seller rents to a credit-challenged tenant who eventually buys the home)
Owner Financing
Short Sale (Locate a buyer and request that the mortgage holder accept less than what is owed)
Rent Back (Owner sells their home to an investor, who rents it back to them)

Homeowners Are Offered Valuable Tools

Site visitors can also find valuable tools, including a mortgage calculator, online marketing, a document library and loan quotes. There is an offer calculator and lists of Government programs. Sellers can take advantage of a buyer finder tool that allows them to target house hunters in their areas. The website provides valuable advice, such as how to improve credit, how to maximize the benefits of various strategies and tactics for getting the best price.

Investors and Sellers Can Connect

Sellers can also find a list of reputable investors who have registered on the site. Every investor is carefully interviewed before being accepted. Many have the resources and background to buy homes with code violations, liens and damage. Homeowners get the chance to review each investor and rate them.

Sellers who need to sell their homes quickly can now find help online. Homeowners need only visit one site to find selling advice and tools as well as creative strategies designed to solve problems. Site information also includes lists of reliable investors who buy many types of homes.


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